A consultation with an attorney is an essential opportunity to provide potential clients with a detailed analysis of their immigration problems, needs and goals. The initial consultation provides necessary information to analyze all immigration options, including the timing and cost for achieving the results sought. Consultations are provided telephonically as well as in-person. Clients who have scheduled telephonic consultations should provide relevant documents prior to the consultation. All immigration-related documents should be brought to an in-person consultation.


To cover the cost of the time involved in providing a detailed analysis of a case, a fee is assessed for consultations upon a brief review of the case with the client. The consultation fee is credited towards the total fee for a case if the firm is retained within 30 days of the consultation.

Occasionally, the problem presented during a consultation may require additional time to fully evaluate the case after the initial consultation meeting. This may include the need for research, letters or telephone calls to investigate and further evaluate a case. Under those unusual circumstances, a fee above the standard consultation fee is required if this type of additional work is requested. Written evaluations may also be requested after the initial consultation meeting, and are billed at a flat rate. A fee for each available immigration option, based on the facts presented, will be quoted during the consultation meeting, or shortly thereafter.


In the majority of cases, Gordon Law Group PC bills on a flat fee, rather than on an hourly, basis. Fees in each case reflect the individual facts presented during the consultation, the urgency of the client’s problem, and the anticipated time and skill required to achieve the client’s goals. Changes in the material facts of a case may change the fee quoted.